Conduct effective standups across your organization with AgilePolly + Microsoft Teams

Standup meetings allow for streamlined team collaboration, and to quickly get everyone on the same page. Today’s cross-functional teams often work remotely and in different time zones. The AgilePolly application for Microsoft Teams helps remote teams stay connected, organized, and aligned, so your team can make fast and informed decisions.

Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, where you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place. It’s easy to integrate AgilePolly with Teams to conduct automated, remote-friendly standups to help keep your project on track across time zones.

Conduct your standup asynchronously through Teams

Your team members may already spend much of their day in Teams. By using AgilePolly, which is native to the Teams experience, they don’t have to navigate to another tool to participate in your daily standup. It’s simple to schedule and enables better participation and timely coordination for local and global team standups.

Keep everyone in the loop, stay organized, and save time with AgilePolly for Teams.

Practico, a costs litigation consultancy firm, used to conduct a weekly operations meeting that took 45 minutes to an hour. To support remote work, Practico’s Managing Director, Andy Ellis, needed a more productive way to keep his team informed and make decisions. The firm integrated AgilePolly with Teams and replaced the weekly meeting with a daily standup.

“The daily standup is already significantly more structured than our previous ops meeting. Rather than try to shuffle everyone together for a long meeting once a week, it became an effortless part of everyone’s daily routine to update the team on what they were up to.”
—Andy Ellis, Managing Director, Practico

Facilitate knowledge sharing and visibility with a built-in system of record

The AgilePolly app collects standup data each day and over the life of the project, to provide cross-functional teams continuous insight into their progress. A threaded history of results facilitates knowledge sharing across your organization especially for stakeholders who aren’t directly involved in the day-to-day work. You can see at a glance how each team member’s work impacts others, who’s blocked, and what’s needed to clear the way. If you’ve forgotten whether a task was completed, you can quickly double-check the historical data.

Save significant time

With less time spent in meetings and less context switching, AgilePolly makes it easy for your team to share their updates quickly, so they can get back to work.

Practico employees save time every week by moving from a weekly meeting to an asynchronous daily standup.

“It used to take up to an hour a week for each colleague to attend our operational meeting and handle numerous ad-hoc requests. Now it takes at most 15 minutes a week to deliver crisp daily updates.”
—Andy Ellis, Managing Director, Practico

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AgilePolly can help you keep your remote teams more informed, aligned, and agile.

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